Schedule & Reservation

Procedure for participation / Komazawa Olympic Koen Park HUGE Flea Market.

  1. Please DO NOT OCCUPY BOOTHS before you get a certificate to attend.
  2. Please do not forget it is an event for promoting reuse of things, not for merchandising (It is prohibited by Local Gov.).
  3. We are planning to start the reception at about 8:00.
  4. Please prepare an ID and walk in line to attend.
  5. The fare would be 3000 yen per booth.
  6. If you do not have a reservation, you must wait till 9:00 to apply. The fare for non-reservation customers would be 3500 yen per booth. We strongly recommend you to make a reservation.
  7. We publish a certificate to attend.
  8. Now you can choose a vacant booth.
  9. It is not allowed to use a tent or a tarp in a flea market booth (It is danger!).
  10. Any questions?
  11. Have a nice day.


This map above is quoted from "Guide Map of Komazawa Olympic Koen Park".

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